About us

At Rittagraf you will find materials, inks, tools and supplies for screen printing, relief engraving, stamps, photoengraving and other manual printing techniques. Rittagraf complements the sale of materials with personalized and custom services such as photolith film printing, rubber stamps, exposure and custom screen printing frames. In addition, Rittagraf offers personalized laser engraving and cutting products and services for the production of graphic objects, educational objects and decorative objects in various materials: paper, wood, cardboard, cork, methacrylate or stone, among others.


Rittagraf is created by screen printing and printed graphics professionals to offer the best graphic solutions for your needs. We spend the day between inks, materials and tools. When we can, we travel and participate in workshops or conferences in which we try to contribute our knowledge and experience. We continuously investigate and work with the same materials that we sell. So we can offer a direct service and first-hand opinions. In this way we propose the latest products and the most complete information to help you in the development of your work.

The Rittagraf team is made up of Raquel Fuster, Laura Tamarit and Carlos Alguacil.

  • Raquel Fuster is graduate in Graphic Design and Production of Graphic Arts. Having in-depth knowledge of screen printing and printing techniques, Raquel, co-director of Rittagraf, is in charge of Rittagraf's branding and graphic design. Besides this, Raquel is in charge of customer service, logistics and online sales.
  • Laura Tamarit is an illustrator and drawer who is passionate about her work. Graduated in illustration techniques, she has experience in engraving and serigraphy techniques. She is the manager of the marketing, design and organization of the physical store, in addition to directing the RRSS and marketing plans of Rittagraf. Laura is always willing to help you manage your purchases in our physical store.
  • Carlos Alguacil is graduate in Fine Arts, artist and printmaster, specializing in painting and printing techniques. Co-founder and technician of Vostok, he has directed and continues to give numerous workshops, courses and presentations in schools, universities and museums in Spain. Meticulous in technique and processes, he shares the co-direction, taking charge of the workshop and the technical content of Rittagaf. His experience guarantees the professionalism of the team.


Rittagraf is not a store where we exclusively sell professional materials and tools for printing techniques. We want to provide professional advice on the use of products, but also offer our experience to develop customized products that require technical knowledge and infrastructure or machinery that is sometimes not available to everyone. We have focused on techniques that we believe require a series of features that are difficult to access and in which we know that we can develop our knowledge.

At Rittagraf we intend to professionalize, popularize and expand a range of peripheral services that accompany and become just another tool.

Guiding and bringing to fruition the results of our clients is part of our mission as professionals. We offer all our services to experts in graphic creation, but also to amateurs or students who want to know the world of graphic and manual printing.

Rittagraf is a newly created company, but the team has the experience and very clear goals.


Rittagraf currently has a physical store at Llobregat Street, nº 72, local left, in Hospitalet de Llobregat, Barcelona. We have established our roots next to the Collblanc market. In it you will find all our products, offering different personalized services to improve your experience. Come and meet our store and the people behind it.


In order to offer all our services and products to those who cannot visit us, we offer them through our website: Rittagraf.com The same people who attend you in the physical store will assist you and manage your orders and any questions you may have.

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