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  • Guide to Printing Large Stamps

    Published at: 05/05/2024

    ® Rittagraf

    Explore the multiple applications of large rubber stamps. From marking boxes to printing on textiles, we offer tips and tricks to personalize your projects. In this tutorial, we present various possibilities and several tips to make the most of your big rubber stamps.

  • Visit from the artist and research on fin art Ramón Freire, author of the book El acto gráfico como construcción. Positivo autográfico y plancha de fotopolímero. We will present his book and conduct a workshop on photogravure with polymer plates. Learn more about using polymer for photogravure. Don't miss this unique opportunity to get up close and personal with one of the greatest experts and researchers in the use of polymer for photoengraving in Europe.

  • ® Rittagraf

    At Rittagraf, our passion for creativity and rubber stamps has led us to collaborate once again with illustrator Amaia Arrazola. We are pleased to present "My Little Big Stamp Kit," a rubber stamp kit that pays homage to the work of illustrator Miguel Bustos. This kit includes 24 stamps with original illustrations by Amaia, along with other essential elements, aiming to stimulate unlimited imagination for both children and adults.

  • TimeOut Recommends Rittagraf

    Published at: 15/01/2024

    ® Rittagraf

    TimeOut Barcelona recognizes the value of our physical store and has awarded us a special badge that now proudly adorns our window. We are thrilled, grateful, and pleasantly surprised to receive this acknowledgment for our efforts. In our store, you'll discover a paradise of personalized stamps, screen printing materials, traditional engraving techniques, and other customized laser engraving and cutting services.

  • ® Rittagraf

    Rittagraf was awarded as "Unique Business" at La Nit del Comerç de L'Hospitalet. This recognition, granted by the City Council, highlights our unique contribution to the local business fabric. We appreciate the visit of the Mayor Nuria Marín, the deputy mayor, and the councilor of Collblanc, who personally congratulated us.

  • ® Carlos Alguacil for Rittagraf

    With excitement and gratitude, we once again participate in the International Printmaking and Paper Art Festival, FIG Bilbao 2023. In this 12th edition, we reaffirm our collaboration by awarding a prize in the 'Cubo De Las Tentaciones' project and conducting two technical demonstrations on photopolymer seals and unconventional screen printing. FIG not only brings together printmaking and graphic art enthusiasts but also fills us with graphic enthusiasm, touching our hearts deeply.

  • ® Carlos Alguacil for Rittagraf

    Curious about how our white screen printing ink looks on black paper? We're putting our eco-friendly paper screen printing inks to the test as we screen print unique notebooks designed by Oriol Miró, which his students used in the 30th Gothic Versal Calligraphy Workshop. In this tutorial, we'll share valuable tips to make the most of white screen printing with water-based inks over black surface.

  • ® Carlos Alguacil for Rittagraf

    Interested in improving the quality of your work in screen printing, photogravure, or other graphic techniques? Then you need to know all about positives. In this comprehensive positive guide, you'll discover everything from what they are and how they're made to how to print them and what to consider to achieve professional results. We'll also provide practical tips for creating your own positives at home and obtaining professional-grade photoliths with home printers. What is a photolith or positive? How can it enhance the quality of your work? Find out in this revised tutorial!

  • ® Carlos Alguacil for Rittagraf

    Using custom stamps for fabric imprinting is a fantastic idea. It's budget-friendly, requires minimal expertise, and is highly accessible for everyone. There are numerous options, and in this tutorial, we'll walk you through top-notch techniques to achieve excellent printing outcomes. In this tutorial, we unveil the finest tips for achieving exceptional results using eco-friendly textile screen printing inks applied with stamps.

  • ® Carlos Alguacil for Rittagraf

    Are you having trouble reclaiming your screen printing frames? Don't worry, in this article we provide you with the best tips and advice to solve the most common problems when removing emulsion residue. We analyze in detail the most frequent problems during the reclaiming process and explain how you can solve them. Proper screen reclamation is crucial in order to reuse our screen over and over again, extending its lifespan and saving costs on the purchase of new screens.


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