Amaia Arrazola Stamp Kit

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Discover this exclusive stamp kit from Rittagraf in collaboration with the talented illustrator Amaia Arrazola. With 24 original stamps, this game sparks creativity for both kids and adults, allowing you to create portraits and fantastic shapes without limits. A burst of imagination combining rubber stamps and drawing!

This stamp kit is the result of a collaboration between the Rittagraf team and the renowned illustrator Amaia Arrazola. Designed to ignite the imagination of both young and adult artists, this kit offers 24 unique stamps that can be combined to create countless portraits and astonishing shapes. As stamp enthusiasts, neither Amaia nor we could resist developing and sharing this enjoyable game for both the little ones and the not-so-little ones.

"My Little Big Stamp Kit" has sprung from our shared passion for rubber stamps, and it includes everything needed for extended creative sessions:

  • 24 acrylic stamps mounted on transparent bases, featuring exclusive designs by illustrator Amaia Arrazola.
  • 1 Memento Luxe black ink pad with multi-surface application: suitable for printing on paper, cardboard, wood, and fabric.
  • 1 Black Posca PC-3M marker to complement stamp impressions and add the finishing touches to drawings.

The stamp kit comes in a cotton bag hand-screen-printed with the Amaia and Rittagraf design, along with a similarly screen-printed cardboard box—both ideal for storing your set of 24 transparent stamps. Explore and share a creative moment with this modular stamp kit, just as Amaia and the Rittagraf team have done!

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