Block Printing Ink Roller - Brayer - 5 cm

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Soft rubber roller to apply engraving ink.

5 cm wide roller
3,5cm diameter 
Soft 40 shore rubber

Rubber roller is especially developed for relief and block printing techniques. This soft rubber roller accepts a large ink load. Very versatile engraving roller. Excellent to apply ink for stamping in woodcut, linoleum, synthetic plates or rubber stamps. It can also be used for do pressure.

The 40 shore hardness rubber is neither too soft nor too hard. EPDM rubber is resistant to printer's chemicals and not affected by exposure to sunlight. It has a resistant structure, a tough polypropylene handle, an aluminum roller core, a continuous steel shaft and self-lubricating nylon bearings.

The roller is designed so that it can be turned over when wet with the handle dobling as a stand for cleaner working or hung up to dry with its hanging slot.

It is an easy-to-use roller, excellent resistance and long life. The rubber and construction of this roller is far above those found on the market for the same price. This makes it one of the most popular engraving rollers in Europe.

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