Custom Soft Fotopolymer Solar Plate - 1.70mm Polyester Base

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Manufacturing service for flexible and soft polymer solar plates for stamp and letterpress production. The plate is delivered ready for printing.

Toyobo polymer, 1.70 mm thickness, polyester base.
20º Shore hardness - very soft. Polymer depth: 1.49 mm.

For other sizes, please contact us.

Rittagraf offers a professional service for manufacturing soft polymer solar plates designed for letterpress, stamp making, and flexographic marking systems.

This customized manufacturing service is tailored for those who wish to create stamps or embossed images, similar to the flexographic technique. The plate is high-definition, perfect for stamp production, although less resistant to abrasion and chemicals compared to polymer resin plates or rubbers used in laser stamps. The polyester base provides great flexibility and facilitates handling.

As it is a soft plate (20º Shore), it is ideal for manual printing, perfect for rubber stamps creation. It can also be printed with traditional machinery such as Adana, Minerva presses, or even vertical presses or tórculos.

Rittagraf exclusively works with high-quality Japanese polymers - Toyobo - treated according to the handling and conservation guidelines required by the material. For each service, we choose the plate reference that offers the best performance for the desired application. For polymers intended for manual printing or where a softer polymer is needed, we recommend working withpolyester base solar plates of 0.95 or 1.70 mm thickness and 25 Shore hardness. The depth and thickness of polymer in a soft 1.70 mm plate are 1.49 mm.

These plates can be printed using traditional engraving and offset inks. They can also be used with stamp pad inks. These plates are processed with water, so it is advisable to clean them with special oils, always avoiding cleaning with water or alcohol.

This service is offered as standard in 2 DIN sizes, but for other sizes, please inquire by contacting

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