Cyanotype Kit - Jacquard

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The Jacquard Cyanotype Chemical Kit produces high-contrast and color-stable cyanotypes. The chemical proportions are pre-measured and ready to use in this cyanotype pack.

The Cyanotype Kit from the American brand Jacquard makes it easy for everyone. This kit includes two containers with pre-measured powdered chemicals to prepare the final solutions.

  • Solution A: Contains 22.68 g of Potassium Ferricyanide.
  • Solution B: Contains 53.86 g of Ammonium Ferric Citrate.

It is recommended to prepare each solution using distilled water and wait 24 hours for both solutions to stabilize before making the final mix.

The containers are prepared with the exact amount needed to make a total mix using the contents of both containers. The advantage of this kit is that you don't need to weigh each chemical, as long as you use the entire contents and are satisfied with the provided proportions.

On the Jacquard manufacturer's website, you can find additional information about this technique, as well as detailed instructions on cyanotype, tips, and FAQs.

Jacquard has also developed a series of solar products and reagents called SolarFast.

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