Cyanotype Kit

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Cyanotype kit composed of the two chemicals necessary to emulsify and perform this technique: Potash Ferricyanide (100 gr.) and Ferric Ammonium Citrate (50 gr.).

Cyanotype kit to make the necessary solution to impregnate papers with liquid for cyanotype. Whether you want to introduce yourself or if you are already an experienced connoisseur of cyanotype procedures, with this kit you have the necessary chemicals to start this technique derived from manual photographic processes.

Both chemicals for cyanotype preparation can also be purchased separately.

With this kit it is possible to produce about 200 cc of solution A and 600 cc. of solution b.
With this kit you can prepare 400 cc. of solution for cyanotype (may vary according to formula).

Tips for use:

Each of the chemicals is useful for making a solution that must then be mixed in equal parts to make the final solution.

The kit is not directly prepared, it is necessary to weigh and make the desired solutions. Solutions should be prepared separately in advance. Once well mixed, make a final solution containing 50% of each of the primary solutions.

There are many recipes and formulas to achieve a strong and stable cyanotype solution. The best thing is to do tests and draw conclusions, but here we leave you one that has worked for us:

Solution A
25 grams of Ferric Ammoniacal Citrate diluted in 100 cc of distilled water

Solution B
15 grams of Potash Ferricyanide diluted in 100 cc of distilled water.

As for the papers, a whole world of possibilities opens up. We recommend choosing papers that have at least 200 gr. and that allow to be bathed under water. Papers for intaglio engraving or lithography are usually a very good option. If they are too absorbent, the cyanotype liquid will be absorbed by the fiber of the paper, generating images that are fainter than desired. To avoid excess absorption of the paper, we must look for papers that have a minimum of glue or correct the pore using, for example, rabbit glue.

A brief addition of hydrogen peroxide on water during the wash will increase the intensity of the cyano blue characteristic of this technique.


When working with processes involving chemical products, you have to be very meticulous and observant. The results and intensities of this product depend on many variables: the solution, the application support, the application of the solution on the support, the type of photolithograph, sunlight, cleanliness of unexposed areas, etc. For this reason, it is necessary to carry out the pertinent tests, learning and writing down the variables and results.

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