Drawing Fluid

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Drawing Fluid is the liquid of Speedball brand for drawing directly on screen printing meshes. This way of working together with the Screen Filler, allows to manufacture screen printing screens without the need for exposure devices, photoemulsions or the use of photoliths.

Available in 236 ml and 946 ml.

Drawing Fluid is part of one of those products that replace work with photo-emulsions and we commonly refer to it as Direct Drawing ScreenPrinting. The result of working with these materials is almost immediate and does not require insolation. Usually we talk about 3 fluids: a drawing liquid, a filler liquid and a third liquid for remove the filler.

The Drawing Fluid Speedball is the liquid with which we draw directly on the mesh. It is important that the layer of the drawing liquid is not too thin (the thickness varies depending on the spinning and the diameter of the thread). If you make a layer too thin, the sunscreen could overlap the top and make the finer details disappear.

The name of Direct Drawing does not refer to a material of a specific brand but to an indirect screen printing process in which various screen printing blocking materials are involved. These fluids used mark unconventional work guidelines, are applied directly on the screen-mesh and are used to create screen printing frames without the need for machinery or photomechanical processes. All work prior to printing is done directly on the screen, without the need for the production of photoliths or indirect films.

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