Heat Gun

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Heat gun for screen printing. Dries, cures, or pre-dries textile inks such as lacquers, acramines, or plastisols. Ideal for reacting rongeant inks, inflatable inks, and embossing seal powders.

Comfortable and safe design, with a paddle to redirect hot air and a 2-heat power controller. The manual alternative to heat presses or conches.

Discover the high-temperature heat gun, also known as a paint stripper, your indispensable ally for pre-drying, drying, and curing a wide variety of screen printing inks. This versatile tool ensures the curing and fixation of water-based textile inks, such as acramines and lacquers, without the need for ironing. Additionally, it allows pre-drying or curing plastisol inks.

The heat gun triggers reactions in special screen printing inks, such as discharge or rongeant, and raises inflatable or puff inks. It is also ideal for working with embossing inks for stamps, heat-set applications, vinyl, transfers, and more.

This cost-effective manual substitute for heat presses, also known as thermal shells, is essential in any print shop. The heat gun is a must-have; at some point, it will fulfill its function and save you time in countless graphic applications, especially in textile screen printing.

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