Lino Cutting Baren Kit - 10 Cutters

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Linocutting baren kit, includes a cutting handle, a plastic baren and 10 cutter nibs for block printing, linoleum, rubber stamps or synthetic plates for carving stamps.

Linocutting Kit. Ideal to start in the world of embossing or carving stamps in one piece.
This set includes a gouge handle, a baren and 10 interchangeable blades of different sizes and shapes.

This linocut kit does three functions:

1- Lino Handle with 10 diferent cutter nibs.

2- Baren to apply pressure and transfer the inked image to the desired support. It also does the base function of it.

3- Closed case where to store handle and cutters.

The handle is compatible with cutter nibs from other manufacturers, such as the Speedball 1 fine cutter nib.

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