Liquid Screen Printing Remover for 5 lt Kiwo CF 70

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Universal remover agent for screen printing emulsions. Concentrated liquid format to manufacture 4-5 liters for the removal of photo emulsions from stencils.

Eco series from the manufacturer of screen printing products Kiwo.

Pregasol CF 70 is a liquid decoating concentrate for the removal of photo emulsions from stencils. Suitable for all types of photoemulsions. We recommend mixing all the contents, preparing a 4 liter dilution for greater effectiveness. The product has no expiration date. Apply with a spray on both sides of the screen, clean of ink residues, rub with a brush or sponge. Leave to act and repeat the process until the emulsion is released. Remove with water under pressure. Never let dry on the screen.

This concentrate is the most ecological option on the market. Among other things, due to its lack of heavy metals or chlorine compounds.

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