Murakami 9500 1 Kg Screen Printing Photo Emulsion

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Print Super 9500 is a premium dual diazo cure emulsion for screen printing. Murakami emulsion very resistant to solvents. compatible with a wide variety of inks. Excellent details on lines and patterns. Good recovered.

The Print Super 9500 Emulsion, from the Japanese brand Murakami, can be used to work with all kinds of inks. Print Super 9500 is a two component diazo emulsion and needs to be activated before it can be used.
It is a very resistant emulsion and allows printing with both water-based and solvent-based inks. Under normal conditions, it usually recovers quite easily.

Murakami Print Super 9500 emulsion is a very suitable screen printing emulsion if you are doing fine line work. Offers excellent image reproduction. Very suitable for images that contain patterns, fine drawings and texts.

Ideal for lovers of the Aquasol emulsion and who want greater resistance and a little more definition in their work. It is a medium flow emulsion, quite easy to handle. Being a diazo emulsion, you have to be cautious and use gloves, being careful with the remains that cause stains that are difficult to remove. The shelf life of a diazo emulsion is 3-5 weeks from activation. From the second week on, it loses sensitivity and exposure times have to be increased. Its shelf life can be prolonged if we keep it in a cool place, such as a refrigerator.

Screen printing emulsions are one of the most compared and contrasted products in our catalog; continuously testing novelties and demanding results that are up to the task of our clients. At Rittagraf we are constantly recycling and for this reason we pass on our experience to our clients; proposing the products that we choose for our projects.

More Information

More Information
Printing supportPaper, Textiles, Wood, Paperboard, Plastic, Skin, Other surfaces
Emulsion Types2 components (Diazo)
Weight1 Kg
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