Opaque Pen - Kuretake - Fine

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Rotulador opacador para fotolitos. Retoca o dibuja tus propios fotolitos para serigrafía, fotograbado, offset e incluso fotografía. 

Rotulador técnico de alta calidad, fabricado en japón por ZIG® Kuretake.
Punta Fina: 0,7 mm.

Professional inactinic red ink marker. Fine tip: 0,7mm.

This type of marker is used to create or retouch screen print, offset, gravure, flexo positives, and analogic photo negatives. It can also be used in any photomechanical technique where orthochromatic photosensitive films or emulsions are used.

Contains high quality inactinic ink. This type of ink prevents the passage of UV light, reserving the exposure in photomechanical techniques. Excellent pen marker for creating manual serigraphy positives. It can be complemented to the use with the masking film.

It adheres perfectly on non-porous transparent surfaces: acetates, polyesters, transparencies and even glass. Fast drying ink. Once dry, if necessary, it can be removed with alcohol.

Made in Japan by the ZIG® Kuretake brand. We have 6 different tips to cover all your creative needs.

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