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Screen printing inks for printing process colors on paper and cardboard. Water-based inks indicated for professional printing based on the superposition of CMYK colors: Magenta, Cyan, Yellow and Black.

We recommend to use with screens between 77 and 140 threads.

Four-color paper inks are transparent screen printing inks formulated for four-color printing on paper and cardboard. These inks are intended for printing color images by using separation in four basic colors: CMYK.

The intensity and opacity of the colors change depending on the mesh size of the screen. Rittagraf® process inks are pigmented more than necessary to cover maximum color intensity with any type of mesh. For a good result, it is necessary to correct the intensity of each of the four-color colors using a transparent base. In addition to digital image retouching, lowering the intensity of colors will correct variables such as mesh aperture and dot gain.

One of the best peculiarities of these inks is that they do not block the mesh and allow working with very tight meshes for long periods of time. All colors are ready to print. They do not need retardants.

Our inks are produced in local factories under strict quality controls and demanding environmental regulations. Rittagraf® screen printing ink and pigment formulations are continually refined to improve the user experience and reduce toxicity. These paper inks, free of solvents and other toxic compounds, are the best option if you want to start a professional production with inks of low toxicity and low environmental impact.

We have a wide color chart but in addition, Rittagraf® offers the manufacture and customization of special water-based colors for screen printing.

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More Information
Printing supportPaper, Paperboard
Dilution and cleaningWater
Weight1 Kg
Eco collectionYes
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