Printing Service for Photoengraving Positive Films - DIN format

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Professional printing of custom positive film for photoengraving and polymer plates. We create high definition and photographic quality photoliths so that you can create your own photopolymers for intaglio photoengraving.

We manage the image so that you achieve an excellent result in the creation of your photoengraving plates.

We print photoliths for photoengraving with excellent photographic definition. Our photoliths offer an opacity suitable for the polymer and a point size of 18 microns, conferring an extraordinary image quality. In addition, we have technical knowledge of the entire process to be able to offer the best solution for your photopolymer work. If you need it, we help you manage your image so that you get the best result in the engraving of your photoengraving plate.

Starting from a good photolith allows excellent results to be achieved during the process of exposure, development and edition of the engraving. We are professionals who, in addition to knowing image management processes, master the entire process of creating polymer plates for photoengraving. This allows us to advise and guide you in the steps prior to the creation of the polymer plate to achieve the best job in intaglio printing.

Rittagraf uses the best digital technology in software and hardware for printing photoliths. The substrate and the inks used are the highest quality currently on the market. The emulsion of the polyester substrate ensures a perfect adherence of the ink, achieving very stable results. Despite this, it must be taken into account that they are not electronic filming photoliths, these being the ones that achieve the greatest performance in the creation of photoengraving plates.

Rittagraf's team is very demanding and can help you manage your images for gravure, but it is important to know the variables in each of the steps prior to printing, knowing the limits of the work environment. To obtain good results it is very important to have the proper exposure equipment and to know its limitations.


For added convenience, we also offer a ready-to-print gravure plate manufacturing service. In this way you save all the previous work of creating the photoengraving plate. Contact us so you can dedicate yourself only to printing work.

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