Screen Printing Mesh - 61 White Thread

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Screen printing mesh of 61 threads x cm, white color. Monofilament high-quality mesh for the manufacture of screen printing screens frames.
Number of threads: 61
Mesh opening: 90 microns - μm
Width of the fabric is 142 cm.

Price per meter.

Screen printing polyester mesh Sefar® PET 1500 for the professional manufacture of screen printing screens. The 61 thread count fabric is commonly used for fabric printing but has a dual application. It could also be used to print on other surfaces such as paper, wood ord cardboard. The opening of 90 microns allows a good drop of ink but with more definition than 43 threads. Screen printing meshes can also be used as a filter or sieve.

We distribute only high-quality, Swiss-made mesh, certified by Sefar®. It meets all the requirements for detail reproduction, homogeneity of face printing, print run consistency and registration accuracy in multi-color printing. The special Sefar® PET 1500 surface treatment aims to improve adhesion, good wettability and good antistatic properties. These features allow a high quality and efficient processing of all commercially available screen printing systems.

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