Screen Printing Squeegee Blade - Hard - 1cm.

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Square green blade for screen printing squeegee. 

One unit corresponds to 1 centimeter long.
Cut to size from 5 centimeters.

Medium-hard hardness - 75 shores. Special squeegee blade to print graphic works in manual screen printing. Suitable for a wide variety of surfaces: paper, cardboard, wood, plastic and metal.

Medium-Hard squere blade to mount screen printing squeegee to print, above all, graphic works - 75 shores.

The squeegee rubber blade directly influences the ink deposit that remains on the surface. A soft rubber will adapt better to the support and will allow more ink to flow, while a hard rubber will allow less black to pass through. The colors of the rubbers are indicative of the hardness of the rubber. And the hardness of the rubbers is measured in degrees shore; lower numbers correspond to softer rubbers and higher numbers to harder rubbers.

Our green squeegee blades are 75 shores and therefore more suitable for screen printing on paper, cardboard, wood, plastic or metal. The yellow blades are 65 shores and are more suitable for print fabric and highly absorbent supports.

Rubber thickness: 0.9 cm.

Height of the rubber: 5 cm.

Minimum sale of 5 cm.


Squeegee squere blades are ideal for mounting on aluminum squeeggee handles.

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