Screen Printing Wood Frames 15x25 cm

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Screen printing wooden frame with high quality monofilament mesh. High quality 100% Swiss made polyester mesh. Screen sizes always refer to the inside size of the frame.

Recommended image size between 5x15 cm and 10x20 cm

Rittagraf® screen printing frames are lined with Swiss quality polyester mesh, certified by Sefar®.

The Sefar® screen printing mesh is glued directly onto the wooden frame. We are very fussy in our work so that our clients achieve top-level professional results. To ensure the best printing performance, our frames are covered under the strictest quality controls. The combination of frame size and screen printing mesh requires an ideal tension that is applied to each scrim. This respects the elasticity and properties of the fabric to achieve the best printing results in screen printing.

The wooden frames offer a very robust cross frame that greatly reduces the possibility of curvature and deformation. Nevertheless, wood is a living material and sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity. Small curvatures in wooden frames are considered normal, especially in large sizes. This should not prevent correct operation. For works with a lot of detail and technical requirements in weaves and complex overlays, it is advisable to use aluminium screen printing frames.

43 threads is the standard mesh for printing on textiles. The 90 and 120 thread screens are the most suitable for printing on paper and smooth and slightly absorbent surfaces. The 120 thread spinning mesh is the tightest and the one that offers the best definition. The 61 and 77 thread mesh are considered dual and offer us intermediate benefits between the extremes. They can be used with textile inks and paper inks.

The 43, 61 and 77 thread are assembled with white mesh and the 90 and 120 with yellow mesh, with it we achieve better definition and detail in the profiles of the smallest images.

If we want to print with acramine ink, we can use 61, 77, and even 90 threads, but to achieve the best performance and opacity of the ink, we recommend using 43 threads to print water-based sreenprinting fabric inks. With the 90 and 120 thread screens, our paper inks can be printed without fear of clogging the fabric.

We always have screen printing screens with wooden frames available in stock, but we also produce and offer screen printing screens with aluminum frames. You can consult us prices and delivery times.

At Rittagraf® you can find the screen that best suits your screen printing work.

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