Speedball Lino Cutter Set - 1 Handle

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Speedball cutter assortment for linoleum, carving and block printing. Includes 1 plastic handle with interior compartment and 5 different interchangeable nibs.

Lino cutter set for linoleum,  block printing and synthetic plates.
The Speedball brand cutter assortment includes:
-1 lino handle with metal grip for the cutting nibs.

-2 V-shaped cutters: nº1 and nº2

-2 U-shaped cutters: nº3 and nº5

-1 nº6 knife

The handle incorporates an interior department where all the cutters can be stored. Hand-ground, buffed and honed, the lino cutters are sharpened on the outside for optimal cutting precision. Made of high quality steel, they are ideal for cutting both soft and hard surfaces.

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