Transparent Fabric Screen Printing Ink - Fluorescent 1Kg

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Transparent Fluorescent inks for professional fabric screen printing.
Water-based screen printing inks indicated for printing on light background fabric.

Acramines are transparent water-based screen printing inks for fabric printing. Transparency and the sum of colors by superposition is one of the main characteristics of these screen printing inks. Acramines transparent inks are ideal for working on light fabrics. This inks penetrate into the fabric, dyeing the textile fibers with hardly any touch.

Rittagraf® inks are produced in local factories and are designed by specialists screen printing technicians. Following an ecological and environmentally friendly line, the chemists who develop our inks work to reduce their toxicity. They refine ink and pigment formulations to improve the textile industry. Rittagraf® acramines could be considered eco-friendly screen printing textile inks. These textile inks, free of solvents and other toxic compounds, are the best option if you want to start a production with inks of low toxicity and low environmental impact.

This inks are quite fluid and dry less on screen than other water-based inks brands. Thanks to their high pigmentation, they present very good color performance. The resistance to washing is excellent but, due to its composition, some fabrics may retain less color in the first wash. Once the garment is washed, the color remains stable.

Testing is required before starting a production.

We have a wide color chart but in addition, Rittagraf® offers the manufacture and customization of special water-based colors for screen printing.

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More Information
Printing supportTextiles
Dilution and cleaningWater
Weight1 Kg
Eco collectionYes
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