Unisol Screen Printing Photo Emulsion

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High quality photopolymer screen printing emulsion for professional work with aqueous inks on textiles and on paper. Unisol is a one-component emulsion exclusive to Rittagraf®.

Suitable for water-based textile inks, water-based paper inks and plastisols. Very versatile emulsion. Quick exposure, great definition and easy retrieval.

Unisol is an screenprintings photo emulsion that is designed, above all, to print with water-based inks for textiles and water-based inks for paper, but it is also suitable for working with plastisol inks. This screen printing photopolymer emulsion does not need any sensitizer, it can be applied directly. It is a professional emulsion with medium flow, very easy to apply. Being a photopolymer emulsion (type SBQ), it does not leave a trace on the mesh and its remains are easily cleaned.

Unisol Emulsion has been designed and manufactured to meet the needs of Rittagraf customers.
This emulsion meets a series of needs and characteristics that our clients require:
- It's a one component emulsion. This means that it has less environmental impact, lasts longer and is easier to handle.
- It's compatible with water-based inks, both textile and paper.
- Has a quick exposure than other screenprinting emulsions.
- Has an easy recovery.
- Possibility of reduced packaging: 500 gr.

Unisol is the first screen-printing emulsion legally packaged in Europe in a 500gr format. This makes it unique in the market. And its production is a Rittagraf® exclusive. This emulsion is perfect to work with both professional insolation ligth systems, halogen spotlights or homemade insolators. Perfect for small workshops, students and professionals who need to do specific jobs and for whom 1 kilo of emulsion is too much. Even so, we are sure that if you try it, you will end up thanking that we also have it in 1 Kg format.

The short exposure time and flexibility in exposure times simplify work. Rittagraf recommends this emulsion for both beginners and workshops that need a professional, off-road emulsion with the possibility of opting for a smaller quantity than usual.

The shelf life and storage of this emulsion is approximately 12 months from the moment of manufacture. If we take good care of it, the emulsion does not have to lose any type of property during that period of time.

Screen printing emulsions are one of the most compared and contrasted products in our catalog; continuously testing novelties and demanding results that are up to the task of our clients. At Rittagraf we are constantly recycling and for this reason we pass on our experience to our clients; proposing the products that we choose for our projects.

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More Information
Printing supportPaper, Textiles, Wood, Paperboard, Other surfaces
Emulsion Types1 component (SBQ)
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