Wooden Stamp Base with Handle - Oval

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Wooden stamp base with handle. Beech wood polished and varnished.
Square base form.


This product does not include the manufacture of the personalized stamp.

If you want a personalized stamp, you can order it here.

Oval wooden stamp base with varnished finish and handle.

A classic base for assembling your rubber stamp or your manually carved or engraved seal. Comfortable and effective. As it is made from natural material, the appearance, color, and grain may vary. The sizes given are approximate and may vary slightly from one batch to another.

Whether it's for mounting polymer stamps, laser engraving, or hand engraving, we offer 80 different formats of bases and wooden frames. Rittagraf provides the professional service of manufacturing custom stamps. These custom stamps can be delivered with a handle or wooden frame.

For the more daring, we also offer a service for manufacturing rubber stamp plates.

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