Alphabet Rubber Stamps

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Rubber stamp alphabet for stamping and composing texts and posters. Old typeface, san serif tipographic style.
These vulcanized rubber alphabets are no longer manufactured and stock is limited. They are vintage and collectible stamps. Each of them can include variables in the type of wood and finish.

Available in different letter heights: 9mm, 13mm, 28mm and 40mm.

Full rubber stamp alphabet. Includes all letters with Bastone - sans serif style typefaces.

This rubber stamp alphabet includes 26 letters that can be combined to make texts and typographic compositions. You can use any type of stamp ink. We recommend you:

Rubber alphabets and numerators are a perfect tool for composing texts and making commercial signage. The stamps of this alphabet are made of top quality vulcanized rubber, mounted on a noble wood base: teak or beech. These rubber stamps are very strong and are built to last and stamp over and over again. It does not need any special care or cleaning; just avoid cleaning with solvents. It can also be combined with other typefaces or markers.

It is practically a collector's product, already discontinued and which will no longer be manufactured. We have various sizes while stocks last.

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