Schminke College Linoprint Color Ink - 75 ml

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Water-based blockprinting inks for relief techniques.

Schminke College® inks are applied with a rubber roller onto the blockprint plates.
College Linol is a series that, despite being economical, has a good pigmentation and reports very well on contemporary synthetic materials, carving gums and stamp plates. Even better than other Schminke brand ink series.

Format 75 ml.

Water-based printing inks for application on embossing plates. The German brand Schminke are experts in the manufacture of pigments, paints and produce several series of linoprint inks. The College® Linol series is suitable for application on wood and traditional linoleum block, but also on synthetic lino block such as soft cut, blue carving block or even EVA rubber boards.


College block printing series inks are water-based and listed as non-toxic etching inks. These inks are ideal for schools, students and printmakers who value the reduction of toxic products.

Being water-based and drying by oxidation, they are quick-drying inks. All colors are miscible with each other and with other water-based series. Cleaning of rollers and utensils can be done with water.

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