Speedball Fabric Ink for Blockprinting - 75 ml

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Blockprinting ink to print on fabric surfaces. Blockprinting's Speedball ink can be roller applied over linoleum, wood-xylographs, synthetic gums and rubber stamps.
Oil-based ink and slow drying.

Completely resistant to washing if the drying time has been respected.

Oil-based engraving ink resistant to washing after 7 days from its application. Drying to the touch depends on the color and can be from 2 to 5 days, but 7 days must be respected to achieve resistance to washing. No need to apply heat or iron.

Special blockprinting ink to print on fabric. It is applied with a rubber roller or dense foam. Although it is an oil-based ink, the utensils, rollers and ink residue can be easily cleaned with water and soap.

Speedball's textile ink can be applied on all types of blockprinting materials: wood, traditional linoleum plates, synthetic plates, rubber, rubber stamps, foam and other materials.

All colors are miscible with each other to obtain new colors.

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Size75ml / 2.5 oz
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