Soft Cut

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Synthetic plate to engrave and create engraving relieve plates. Excellent substitute for traditional linoleum. Flexible and easy to cut and carve.

The Softcut is a professional replacement for the traditional linoleum material. This sheet of synthetic material is very easy to cut and engrave with lino cutting tools.

It's similar in thickness to traditional linoleum but much softer to work with. The work surface is less porous than other plates, so it needs less ink to report our image. The Sofcut plate stands out for its high flexibility, firmness of its strokes and comfort in printing. Very easy to wash, does'nt crack or crumble.

It can be inked with oil-based gravure inks, water-based lino inks, offset inks and even textile inks. If they are small pieces they can also be inked with pads and stamp inks.

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