Professional Soft Rubber Roller - 15 cm

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One-hand professional roller and soft rubber for engraving. Robust roller made with top quality materials for inking collagraphs, xylography, relief lino printing, lithography and contemporary engraving techniques.

Width 15cm.
Medium hardness, 30 shores.

Printmaking soft roller 5 cm in diameter and 15 cm wide. The 30 shores hardness rubber (soft) is attached to the handle by a metal shaft that ensures the durability of the roller. Varnished wooden handle and steel structure, with 2 support legs that raise the roller so that the rubber is not in contact with the inking work surface; thereby improving the experience and neatness of the print job.

The high quality NBR rubber gave it good resistance to the oils and other cleaning products. It is a professional roller, very affordable and with a long life if the rubber is taken care of. Engraving and woodcut roller with excellent value for money.

This roller can be found with soft rubber or with hard rubber. Roll hardness is measured in Shore degrees. The 30 degree Shore roller is considered to be soft-medium hardness, while the 60 degree shore roller is considered to be a high hardness roller. The soft rollers split more ink than the hard ones, which, on the contrary, report thinner layers of ink.

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