Fabric Ink Foam Roller - 10 cm

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Special brayer to apply textile ink on linoleum, synthetic plates and rubber stamps.

10 cm wide roller
diameter 3.5cm

Foam Roller to apply textile ink on diferents surfaces. Applies screen printing water based inks for dark backgrounds, oil-based textile engraving inks and much more. The roller, made of dense foam, perfectly collects screen printing ink and other textile inks. Thanks to the foamy material, the roller does not slip when using this type of ink, as it happens when using rubber rollers.

The foam roller leaves an adequate layer of ink. It is made with a strong frame, a polypropylene handle, an aluminum core, a continuous steel shaft and self-lubricating nylon bearings. The roller design allows it to be flipped when inked, improving neatness of the inking job.

This roller is ideal for applying silkscreen fabric inks.

Unlike other foam rollers, this brayer cleans quickly and without leaving ink residue, allowing you to change colors quickly. It is a resistant roller and easy to handle.

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