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Fluorescent inks for fabric screen printing. Professional water-based inks. Elastic and wash-resistant inks. It is essential to make a white base to enhance the fluorescent color.

For other applications, testing is recommended.

Rittagraf @ fluorescent fabric inks are professional water-based inks for textile screen printing. Fluorescent colors are composed of pigments that are not opaque and although they belong to the group of lacquer inks, fluorescent colors do not have the same opacity performance as the rest of opaque fabric colors for screen printing. To improve the fluorescent finish it is necessary to make a opaque white base when we are working with dark fabrics.

Rittagraf® inks are manufactured under the highest environmental requirements and high quality controls. These inks are created free of phthalates and solvents. The aqueous composition improves the user experience, reducing toxicity and facilitating the cleaning of tools.

Rittagraf® opaque inks have high resistance to washing and can be printed on the vast majority of textile fibers, including the most common blends and even some synthetic fabrics, with the exception of nylon, lycra or fabrics that have been treated with waterproofing products. It is necessary to iron the garment once dry to improve resistance to washing. Fluorescent textile inks are less dense than other colors and do not require the use of retardant for textile inks. Fluorescent textile lacquers can also be printed on other porous surfaces, and can also be applied with a roller for stamp printing.

Testing is required before starting a production.

We have a wide color chart but in addition, Rittagraf® offers the manufacture and customization of special water-based colors for screen printing.

More Information

More Information
Printing supportTextiles, Wood, Paperboard, Skin
Dilution and cleaningWater
Weight500 g
Eco collectionYes
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