Professional Hard Rubber Roller - 15 cm

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Professional one-handed rubber roller for printmaking and blockprinting. Robust roller made with top quality materials for manual inking of blockprinting, xylography, lithography and contenporany engraving.

Width 15cm.
High hardness, 60 shores.

High quality NBR brayer, 5 cm. thick, 15 cm. long, steel body and wooden handle. High hardness professional roller: 60 shores. Professional and versatile tool for all types of printing systems. If you are looking for a durable and professional roller, this may be the best option.

This one hand engraving roller offers very good inking feel and comes across as excellent value for money. Rubber, 50 mm. thick, it covers a steel heart through which the metal axis passes. This shaft ensures long-lasting rolling and makes this printing tool a good choice for heavy duty work.

Robust and one-piece metal structure, including the legs. The handle, made of pine wood, is very ergonomic. This roller is made in England, a country of great tradition and love for tradicional engraving techniques, where artists and stampers are very demanding with their work tools.

We have these rollers in two different kinds of rubber hardness: medium hardness (30 shores) or high hardness (60 shores). The hardness of the roller directly influences the amount of ink it deposits on a surface. A soft roller deposits more ink than a hard roller. It is important to choose the hardness of the rubber depending on the techniques, the needs and the materials to be inked. Both rollers can be combined to carry out work in the "roll up" style, a technique known by the name of the inventor: Hayter, where fluidity and the use of brayers with different hardness are necessary to carry out work in various colors, playing with the densities and hardness of the roller rubbers.

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