Professional Linoleum Printing Block

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Professional linoleum for engraving and making embossing patterns.

Space brown linoleum sheets for engravers. Very flexible, pleasant touch and pore suitable for applying engraving inks. Get defined images and strokes with tension.

We have Linoleum available in formats: DIN-A5, DIN-A4, DIN-A3, DIN-A2

Linoleum is the favorite surface for both expert and beginner engravers to make block printing works. Linoleum is an industrial material that has been proposed for years as an option and alternative to wood matrices for xylography.

Linoleum is an industrial material used to cover floors and pavements: it's made from a mixture of linseed oil and sediments of other materials such as wood dust, cork and rubber. All this mounted on a burlap mesh.

The brown linoleum that we offer at Rittagraf is specially designed to be worked on by artists and engravers. Unlike other brown linoleums offered for school use, this linoleum is highly flexible and has a pore well suited to the use of engraving oil inks, offset inks and water-based inks.

Its special composition and mix of components make it ideal for engraving and use as an engraving matrix. Very suitable for achieving defined profiles and characteristic lines of relief engraving.

You can find it in different formats. If you do not find the format you are looking for, contact us.

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