Speedball Professional Baren

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Professional Baren to make pressure and transfer images manually. The Speedball Baren is a tool built with a robust plastic frame and a comfortable wooden handle. The design and the nylon ans soft base improve a premium experience. This baren allows for more pressure than other traditional barens.

10cm diameter.

This Baren from the North American brand Speedball with a nylon and soft base, offers a nearly friction, making it easier to use and improving its efficiency. Its construction is very robust, which allows much more pressure to be exerted than with a traditional bamboo baren. This tools it's made to ensure you have even and consistent printing results every time.

The Baren is a tool of oriental origin that is very useful for applying pressure and transferring the ink from the plates to the paper or the chosen support to leave the mark. These tools are mainly used to reproduce xylography matrices or, failing that, linoleum plates or synthetic materials for relief engraving. Even so, they can be used to transfer images in many other printing techniques.

With the right paper and a little practice, this baren can even be used to transfer images from offset, lithography or polyester printing plates.

A Baren like this cannot completely replace the work of vertical presses, presses or lithographic presses, but it is a good alternative when this type of machinery is not available.

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