Rittagraf Store of the Month in TimeOut

Time Out recommends Rittagraf as a screen printing and stamp store

In February 2023, Rittagraf was highlighted as the store of the month in TimeOut's special edition celebrating their 15th anniversary! This achievement fills us with joy, especially because TimeOut is one of our favorite magazines, covering everything from shopping trends to cultural, leisure, and gastronomy recommendations.

TimeOut has offices and editors in different countries around the world. In addition to its digital presence, it has a physical paper edition that sells out before reaching distribution points. It hasn't been easy, but we managed to get a copy!!

Laia Beltran wrote a beautiful review that stole our hearts. The original edition was published in Catalan. Here we leave you the transcribed review and the original as it was published in the paper magazine. Thank you very much for your words, Laia!

When Vostok closed, the hearts of serigraphy fans sank: a reference store was disappearing. But sorrows never last a thousand years, and with the king dead... long live the queen! Her name is Rittagraf, she is in the center of Hospitalet, and she is a wonderful spin-off of that Barcelona store. And we say spin-off because leading the project is Carlos Alguacil, co-founder of Vostok and a true authority in the field.

In this new adventure, he and his two partners have gone one step further. In addition to offering a comprehensive service of serigraphy and personalized stamps, they have also incorporated laser cutting. "It allows us to engrave and cut countless materials: cardboard, stone, wood, cork...," he says. In addition, in their business, they want to combine "the personalized service of a lifetime with new technologies."

Rittagraf is a paradise for all those looking for the demiurge who turns their ideas into tangible realities. Engraving slate plates for a restaurant? Yes. Cutting pieces of acrylic to make earrings? Also. A screen printing kit for beginners? No problem! So, all that's left for us to say is: Long live the queen!

Laia Beltran ®

giant rubber stamp held by two handsgiant rubber stamp held by two hands
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