Will Mower and the BlockFace Kit Visit Rittagraf

Block Face Stamp Kit at Rittagraf

Exploring Creativity with the BlockFace Typography Stamp Kit

We are passionate about the work of artists, designers, typographers, and illustrators who use printmaking as a language of creative expression; this is true for Will and many of his projects.

We were eager to get our hands on it, and the stars aligned. A few days ago, Will Mower happened to be in Barcelona and visited the Rittagraf shop and workshop. Our team had the pleasure of meeting this young designer. He presented a project we were excited to see up close and personal: the BlockFace Type Kit.

Block Face Stamp KitBlock Face Stamp Kit
examples of prints made with the Block Face Kit Stampexamples of prints made with the Block Face Kit Stamp

® Will Mower

BlockFace Typography Stamp Kit: Stamps, Typography, and Modular Design

Will has created a modular stamp set that goes beyond a simple rubber stamp kit. It is an educational game that keeps us engaged for hours as we create and compose all kinds of texts and images using stamps.

Behind this project is a deep analytical study on the form and structure of typography. The kit includes instructions for exploring six type families that can be built by combining the 24 pieces of this stamp kit. The modules allow for the creation of individual types but also interconnect and relate the typographic elements.

These shapes not only allow for generating texts but also offer the possibility to develop patterns or illustrate objects, animals, or anything our minds can project onto paper or other surfaces.

Every detail of this kit is meticulously crafted. The stamps, the packaging, the instructions, and even the choice of colors in the set have all been thoughtfully and carefully considered.

KICKSTARTER: BlockFace - A Stamp Kit to Explore Typography & More

® Open Press Project

BlockFace Kit and Open Press Project

The BlockFace Kit Stamp is supported and manufactured by Open Press Project, a company run by two young Germans, Martin Schneider and Dominik Schmitz. They have shown their love for graphic arts and traditional printmaking through projects like their mini etching presses. It’s hard to be a printmaker and not fall in love with these beautiful presses created using 3D printing technology.

Open Press Project offers the plans for free so anyone can make their own mini etching press using 3D printing technology. On their website, we can see some of their projects, which we can help finance. Additionally, those without access to laser technology can purchase the mini press or the XS mini press directly.

Martin and Dom not only produce these beautiful presses, as they say themselves, but they also conduct workshops, demonstrations, and spread knowledge about printmaking to those unfamiliar with it.

The first 3D-Printed Etching Press

® Open Press Project

The Technology Behind the BlockFace Kit Stamps

The BlockFace kit stamps are crafted with laser-cut rubber and bases are made through 3D printing. Will shared some of his ongoing projects with us, and we are eager to see them come to life. Research and projects like this captivate us and align perfectly with what we love to offer our customers to unleash their imagination and creativity.

The English and German traditions of typography, design, and printing techniques come together in this work. Once again, European artists, engravers, and designers amaze us with an incredible project related to printed graphics. In this case, the work comes from talented young guys with very interesting projects at hand.

Thank you, Will, for visiting Rittagraf and for the BlockFace Kit. Now we have our own set of stamps, and it’s wonderful! Once you have it in your hands, it’s hard to stop creating texts, shapes, and illustrations.

Will Mower and BlockFace Stamp Modular StampsWill Mower and BlockFace Stamp Modular Stamps
Block Face Stamp Kit ComponentsBlock Face Stamp Kit Components
Example of a print made with Will Mower's rubber stampsExample of a print made with Will Mower's rubber stamps
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