Caligo Safe Wash Etching Ink - Cranfield - 75 ml

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Water washable inks for etching and printmaking techniques. This Inks can be cleaned up with soap and water but offer similar characteristics to traditional etching inks.

Caligo is a series of intaglio engraving inks that has been formulated on the basis of oils that are soluble in water. For this reason, Caligo inks are considered a professional eco-friendly and non-toxic engraving inks.

Cranfiled is a company faithful to the tradition in the manufacture of printamaking inks. However, they have been able to adapt to the new needs of contemporary artists and printmakers. The Caligo series of inks is created with water-soluble oils, which prevents cleaning with toxic products. For this reason they are considered ecological inks. Also known as non-toxic etching inks, although we really should be talking about less toxic etchings.

With the manufacture of these inks, Cranfield shows that they know the singularities of traditional engraving techniques but do not turn their backs on the claims of artists and workshops who want to work in a healthier environment. Tradition and innovation come together to offer non-toxic engraving inks with the characteristics of a traditional ink. Cleaning is done with soap and water, reducing the use of oils, resins and cleaning products derived from petroleum.

As they state: "Engraving can be a demanding discipline that deserves the most suitable ink formulation". To learn more about these tinats, you can visit the Cranfield website.

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