Stay Open Ink for Engraving - Dense Black 225g

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Stay Open Professional Engraving Ink. Does not dry by oxidation, preventing skinning and clumping. Versatile for any printing techniques. Can be mixed with other oil-based and traditional relief or tradiconal etching inks, even offset inks.

Discover the Stay Open series, a professional-grade engraving ink specifically designed to meet the demands of discerning engravers. Manufactured by a renowned English producer, this oil-based engraving ink is perfect for various printing techniques such as woodcut, linocut, etching, aquatint, photopolymer intaglio, letterpress, lithography, offset, polyester plate lithography, and monotype.

Its innovative formulation ensures that the ink dries through absorption, rather than oxidation, preventing the formation of skin and allowing for extended worry-free use.

With the Stay Open series, you'll enjoy the best of traditional intaglio inks and the brilliance of offset inks, boasting an ideal viscosity and a stunning range of colors. Whether you work professionally, in a small studio, school, or university, this versatile oil-based ink is a perfect choice. Make the most of every drop of this high-quality engraving ink and let your artistic projects shine.

For intaglio work, we recommend using our reducing jelly to improve viscosity and facilitate ink cleanup on the plate.

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