Novasol Vegetal and Ecological Cleaner

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Ecological cleaning oil for engraving and relief tradiconal inks. Ecological substitute for petroleum based solvents. Ideal for cleaning tools, plates and rubber rollers of any type of engraving ink.

Available in 1 and 5 liter containers.

Vegetable-based cleaner and professional use considered as an ecological cleaner. Manufactured by FujiFilm for the professional printing industry, this vegetable cleaner is the best option to minimize environmental impact. This cleaning oil is ideal for cleaning rollers as well as ink fields or tools.

It offers a very effective cleaning power on all types of fat inks, offset inks and traditional engraving inks for intaglio (etchig) or traditional relief inks. Also very useful for cleaning photopolymer plates.

It is miscible in water and does not give off odors. The use of this cleaner almost completely reduces the need to use solvents. It can be applied directly or diluted in water. Its 1-litre packaging makes this material from the professional graphic arts industry an optimal resource for an artistic application.

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