Professional Two-Handed Ink Roller - 35 cm

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Professional hand inking roller for printmaking. High-quality two-handed roller for block printing, linoleum, woodcut, lithography and other printing techniques.

Width 35cm.
Diameter 10cm.
Possibility of 3 different rubber hardnesses:
-25 shores - Soft
-38 shores - Medium
-60 shores - Hard

These rollers are practically manufactured on demand. Before making the purchase, ask about availability and delivery time.

Professional two-handed roller made with 100 mm high quality nitrile or NBR rubber in diameter and 350 mm long. Robust construction, hollow aluminum core and 2 clamps. The roller includes a wooden and methacrylate stand designed by Rittagraf team, which will be used to rest on the table or to hang on the wall.

This roller can be ordered in 3 hardnesses, which are measured in shore degrees: low or soft hardness (25 shores), medium hardness (38 shores) and high hardness (60 shores).

Medium hardness is the most versatile and can be used for almost all printing techniques: block and lino printing, stone lithography, offset plates, grained lithography plates, collagraph and many other engraving techniques. The high hardness roller is fantastic for inking relief work plates where we need the hardness of the roller to respect the surface of the plate to be inked, such as woodcut, softcut, linocut work, or to leave minor ink deposits on lithography, especially when working with washes. The low hardness roller is ideal for inking collagraph work or surfaces and dies that need a lot of ink with less effort.

It is important to choose the hardness of the rubber depending on the techniques, the needs and the materials to be inked. The hardness of the rollers can be combined to carry out work in the "roll up" style, a technique known by the name of its inventor, Hayter, where fluidity and the use of rollers of different hardness are necessary to carry out polychrome works from the same matrix.

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