Wax Drier for Printmaking Inks - Cranfield - 75 ml

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Drying agent for printmaking inks, increase the speed of ink drying. This additive is compatible with any type of traditional Cranfield or Caligo printmaking inks. Wak drier paste can be mixed ease into an ink on the slab with a pallet knife.

This wax-based drier is added to the ink to increase the speed of ink drying. It's composed of wax and it gives the print greater resistance to rubbing and marking over the longer term. The combination of driers is balanced to promote drying of the printed ink film surface during initial "set" and long-term "dry through" ink.

The 75 ml bottle makes it easy to handle and apply the drier. It is added proportionally to the ink and pastes with an inking pallet knife. The density of the drier have a similar viscosity to most oil-based printmaking inks and does not significantly modify the original density of the ink.

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