Coloris Pad Ink Refill - 28 ml

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Water-based ink to refil stamp pads. Liquid ink suitable for use with rubber stamps or polymer resin stamps. This ink can be used to refill the pads of Trodat, Colop, Shiny or Imprint automatic stamps.

Coloris series 4010 ink. 28 ml.

Despite the sober appearance of some German technical products, Coloris water-based inks for pads are of excellent quality and are suitable for rubber stamps, polymer stamps, synthetic materials, linoleum and other surfaces. These inks colors are intense and transparent.

These liquid stamp inks are ideal for stamping on paper, since they are neither alcohol-based nor oil-based, they will not damage the back of the paper or lose definition over time. Drying by absorption of the material. It's not an indelible ink and it's not recommended to use on surfaces that can get wet later.

There are 4 colors: black, red, blue, green and yellow. Available in formats of 28, 50 and 250 ml.

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