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Inkless stamp pads for big stamps. These professional pads can be filled with any type of liquid stamp ink.

Metallic container with a muslin cloth pad. Strong and durable. In good hands, these are pads for life.

Available in the following sizes (outside): 8x12 cm, 10x15 cm, 12x17 cm, 15x20 cm. , 15x25 cm and 20x30 cm.

Stamp pads to fill with liquid ink. Metallic exterior and padded interior lined with muslin fabric. This is a robust and elegant pad, with the right ink, it can last for years and withstand heavy use.

Ideal for filling with special inks and stamping different supports such as textiles, rubber, plastic or metal. We recommend using any type of ink, but if you want to use non-pad inks, tests should be done.


These large stamp pads are made in a variety of sizes:

8x12cm. (7x11 cm inside)

10x15cm. (9x13.5 cm inside)

12x17cm. (10.5x16cm inside)

15x20cm. (14x19 cm inside)

15x25cm. (14.5x23.5 cm inside)

20x30cm. (18x28 cm inside)


The variety of extra large sizes make them the best option to combine with large stamps.

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