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Large custom stamp for easy print on cardboard boxes, kraft bags, packaging products, fabrics, wood and any surface you can think of.

We manufacture big stamps with high quality materials that facilitate printing on any surface. Select the size that best suits your needs.

If you have a project to do with stamps, tell us and we will help you manage it so that your work will be impeccable.

Get to know all our large stamps and the rest of the personalized stamp options.

Using a large stamp to mark a business's packaging, bags, crates or products offers incredible versatility and cost savings for any type of brand or store.

With these big stamps you will be able to mark an infinite number of materials easily, you don't need be a printmaster. Customize all your products with a stamp, improving the visibility of your brand, making your company's branding grow. Customize your own t-shirts, tote bags or clothing. Use a large stamp to mark your company's shipping boxes. You can take advantage of the rubber stamp to mark all types of packaging for your business. Give a special touch to the paper bags of your business without the obligation to make large quantities.

Knowledge of technology, originality and the use of the highest quality materials are complemented by our knowledge of image, typography and printing processes. Ordering a personalized stamp at Rittagraf means ensuring the highest quality for your work. Our experience allows us to adapt to personalized projects. We can make the stamp of that image or composition that you want. We advise and guide you in your needs.

We have been manufacturing this type of stamps for years. Our technician, Carlos Alguacil, developed the Vostok Super Estamp and Flexi Estamp (the first large-sized stamps designed and manufactured in Europe). Being co-founder, technician and printmaster of the Vostok, he directed for 10 years the workshop where the first large stamps in Europe were manufactured.

At Rittagraf we continue to investigate and work to offer the best service and the highest quality. We have adapted to customer needs, opening up manufacturing options. At Rittagraf we continue to improve the performance and results of big stamps.



-We are direct manufacturer. This allows us to control all aspects of the process.

-We are experts in all types of printing systems: embossing, intaglio, serigraphy, lithography, offset. This allows us to understand complex printing needs, thus advising you on the best options for your project.

-We have a long experience in the manufacture of large stamps: we have been making these stamps for more years than the rest of the stamp manufacturers.

-We put technology at your service. We can manufacture the stamps with different materials, techniques and technologies. We put all the technological options at the service of our clients, so we can adapt to your needs.

-Our technicians are constantly researching to improve the products and services we offer. We are demanding with our work.

-Ease of printing thanks to the materials used. Our large stamps are made of up to 50% softer rubber than other manufacturers. This allows printing by applying less pressure.

-In addition to being a stamp manufacturer, we have ink and tools to apply the ink on the stamps. We can advise you on the ink you need and how to apply it depending on the support you want to print.


Learn more about stamp inks and pads, textile inks, and other options for applying ink to these large stamps.


All work and all products are locally produced and have been conceived and produced exclusively by Rittagraf®.

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BaseWooden molding
Printing supportPaper, Textiles, Wood, Paperboard, Plastic, Crystal, Aluminum, Skin, Non-porous surface, Other surfaces
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