Easy Thininng Paste for Offset and Engraving Inks

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The smoothing paste is used by mixing with offset colors or engraving inks to modify the texture.

The softener makes it easier to clean the plates during the etching inking process. It is a reducing agent that improves the ink work without reducing the intensity of the colors. Especially appreciated in chalcographic processes.

Smoothing paste modifies the density of offset inks and traditional oil-based engraving inks without losing pictorial properties.

Offset inks are an economical and professional option for use as a stamping ink for some intaglio and embossing techniques. Despite being very cheap, offset inks are prized for their viscosity and pigmentation quality. They are highly widespread inks in workshops and schools.

Indicated for printing offset lithography, stone lithography and grained plate. This ink can also be used as a fat ink in printing with relief engraving techniques and even in some cases, in gravure. They can be mixed with other oily inks or traditional engraving inks.

The offset inks of the Ecointense range by Martínez Ayala are made from a selection of renewable vegetable oils and do not contain VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), so they are respectful with the environment. And they could be considered suitable inks for non-toxic engraving.

To avoid the use of petroleum-derived solvents, we recommend the use of Novasol ecological cleaning oil to clean the rollers and ink fields.

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