Hinge Clamp for Screen Printing

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Pair of silkscreen hinges clamp to grip screen printing frames and ensure good registration. Very easy to mount and use.

Wing nut that adjusts to different thicknesses of frames. The grip system improves good hold of screen printing frames. Includes screws for fastening the hinges.

Cheap hinges for registration in manual screen printing. The pair of hinges clamps perform the same function as a screen printing octopus in textile printing, or as a turret or screen clamp in graphic printing. Made of metal with an iridescent galvanized finish to provide greater strength and durability.

It is a very necessary tool if you are going to work register of several colors. This pair of hinges is a fantastic solution for developing manual clamping and scren printng color registration. Each hinge adapts to any screen thickness, whether they are wooden frames or aluminum or iron frames.

Each hinge is attached to the table or work support using screws. Very easy and practical to use. These screen printing hinges clamps are an economical and very practical solution for screen printing anywhere.

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