Professional Screen Printing Hinge Clamp - 30 cm

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Professional Desktop Hinge Clamp for Screen Printing

This sturdy screen printing clamp is designed for exceptional durability. It eliminates the need for screws and easily adjusts to any worktable.

Professional screen printing hinge designed by Rittagraf to deliver optimal performance at the best price.

  • High-quality blued steel construction.
  • Ball-joint screws to accommodate different types of worktables and screen printing frames: aluminum, iron, or wood.
  • Exclusive design by Rittagraf®.
  • Manufactured in Europe.

This 30 cm long hinge has been conceived and designed by Rittagraf's R&D team to meet the demands of the most professional screen printers and provide long-lasting performance.

The body of the Rittagraf hinge is secured by two thick, sturdy, and high-quality pins. Made of blued steel, it is equipped with comfortable plastic clamps and a ball-joint that allows it to adapt to screen printing frames made of different materials, such as wood, aluminum, or iron.

The hinge opening mechanism has been carefully selected to prevent movements that could cause screen displacement, minimizing any registration errors associated with the hinge.

Undoubtedly, this precision-crafted work tool is reliable and versatile, offering a desktop hinge clamp that rivals the performance of traditional screen printing towers.

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