Mounting Astralon - Transparent Acetate - 40 x 51 cm - Box 100 units

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100 unit Box of transparent and antistatic acetate or astralon sheet to use for registration in screen printing. This transparent plastic can also be used to mount digital positives, even draw them by hand with inactinic opaque pen or other opaque drawing materials.

Format 40x51cm
Thickness 100 microns

This transparent plastic performs the function of registration, assembly and even serves as a support for the creation of manual positives for screen printing, offset, photopolymer and other photomechanical techniques. This clear acetate is also known in the graphic arts as mounting astralon.

Each acetate sheet is 100 microns thick. The format and thickness of this acetate is ideal for use as ink registration during the silk screen printing process. Get the perfect match of colors registering through this highly transparent acetate. Resistant to cleaning with alcohol, oils and even solvents.

If this acetate is used to register in serigraphy and water-based inks are used, it can be reused several times.

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