Opaque Pen - Broad Tip

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Broad tip opaque pen for retouching or drawing screen printing photo negatives.

Inactinic red ink marker. Used in screenprinting, photography, photogravure and other photomechanical techniques where orthochromatic films are used.

Broad tip opaque marker special for making and retouching photoliths and manual positives. This type of marker contains a special type of inactinic ink for use with techniques that use orthochromatic films. It can also be used to manually retouch digital photoliths.

The inactinic ink type prevents ultraviolet light from penetrating, reserving exposure for photomechanical techniques. Ideal for creating screen printing, offset, flexography, gravure positives and even retouching photographic negatives. It can be complemented to the use of the clipping mask.

It adheres perfectly on acetates, polyesters, transparencies and other non-porous transparent supports. Fast drying ink. Once dry, if necessary, it can be removed with alcohol.

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