Photopolymer Toyobo 0,73 mm Steel Base

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Steel-based photopolymer plate for photogravure and letterpress.

Toyobo Printight® polymer plate with a thickness of 0,73 mm.

Washout with water. It's listed as a low toxicity polymer.

High definition Toyobo Printight® photopolymer plate. The polymer is mounted on a steel sheet, this improving printing properties. The steel base makes the plate have the perfect consistency to withstand the pressure of intaglio presses, vertical presses and other printing machines.

This polymer plate is suitable for B/W and grayscale images, and can be stamped them as a intaglio or felief. Polymer solar plate with excellent reproducibility. The quality of the polymer allows great details and tonal ranges to be achieved. Very appreciated for making photoengraving plates, printing the plate as if it were a chalcographic engraving.

Polymer plates can be processed using autographic positives and digital positives or photolith-film from inkjet printing, laser printing, or electronic imaging.

These polymer plates have the particularity of reacting to a certain range of ultraviolet light and being revealed with water. Photopolymers can be exposed with UV light equipment such as those used in screen, flexo and offset printing. Good results can also be obtained with home exposure equipment, but these are not recommended for photographic or demanding jobs.

Water-soluble photopolymer plates are a good alternative to some traditional engraving procediments, reducing the use of more polluting or toxic products for the user.

Rittagraf keeps all polymer sheets in optimal conditions to keep their properties intact. Each plate is delivered in an individual envelope that protects them from light.

For other sizes, thicknesses or hardnesses, contact our store directly.

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Application techniquePhotoengraving, Letterpress
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