Professional Screen Frame Reclamation

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Professional Screen Frame Reclamation. We remove emulsion residue, inks, and ghosting that may be clogging your screen printing mesh.

Bring us your screen frame, and we'll return it to you ready for emulsion coating. Alternatively, we can take care of removing emulsion and ink residues and even exposure the screen with your required design.

If ink and/or emulsion residues are proving stubborn, or if you simply lack the space or means, bring us your screens, and we'll take care of the rest. Approximately 90% of residues can be reclaimed.

If the screen mesh is of high quality, and the meshing has been done under strict quality parameters, the lifespan of a screen can be quite long, making screen reclamation a worthwhile option.

To learn more about screen reclamation, we recommend checking out the following tutorials on our blog:

For extreme cases, we also offer screen and frame re-meshing services. We can re-mesh screens of all sizes with top-quality screen mesh.

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