Screen Printing Manual - Sefar

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A technical manual on processes and practices of screen printing. Sefar's technicians have created this manual as a reference for professionals in the screen printing industry. Sefar aims to share and transmit its knowledge regarding screen printing processes.

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As a prominent global manufacturer of fabrics for screen printing, Sefar® is committed to providing quality information and advice to its customers and suppliers. This manual, developed by the Thal Competence and Training Center in Switzerland, is a comprehensive compilation of knowledge and experiences from application engineering Sefar specialists. It complements Sefar's screen printing courses and covers key topics, from history to fabric selection, providing a comprehensive guide for professionals and enthusiasts.

Some highlighted chapters include:

  • History and evolution
  • Fabrics
  • Screen frame
  • Tensioning
  • Adhesive application
  • Pre-printing phase and halftones
  • Screens
  • Printing
  • Registration
  • Control and measurement devices
  • Explore the world of screen printing with the 'Screen Printing Manual - Sefar' and elevate your skills to new heights.
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